Colibri Labs Electrum loudspeakers review

Colibri Labs sound of signature

This review took some more time and dedicated listenings. Siniša Kraljić contacted me few months back and during our corespondency I’ve got attached and intrigued by his dedication and unorthodox approach to the music reproduction. We've set for few listening sessions and here is first test and review of Colibri Labs Electrum loudspeakers in Rosewood finish. 


“The company Colibri Labs has invested more than eight years in research and creating loudspeakers. We have called our latest and unique product Electrum, as a natural alloy of silver, copper and gold produced by deliberate amalgamation of components. Speaker boxes are made from carefully selected materials: oak, birch, mediapan and maple. The box is made with the help of numerology whereby a numerological sequence was obtained that forms coherence, harmony and strength. Each box is made so that it contains three boxes of different thicknesses and each side is made from a different material. We are extremely satisfied with the results because we have managed to create a speaker box that does not respond to external influences and have thus ensured that our speakers reproduce music without any distortion. 

We have revived our study sample with rosewood veneer and a pair weighs 105 kg. High-end components have been built in: Scan Speak speaker units, Mundorf gold silver oil and copper foil coils. For this product we have prepared a special internal wiring Colibri Labs Nucleus. Elektrum is intended for all lovers of 2 way speakers who want to have an uncompromising speaker for all types of music. For the evening quiet or extremely loud listening, Elektrum provides purity, perfect micro and macro dynamics and its own sound signature. Our wish is that, once you hear our sound, you are provided with a real musical experience which you will hardly be able to resist and will return to it continuously. Elektrum - lasting value.”


In the world of high-end audio we’re witnessing the rise of so many companies producing the loudspeakers. Nothing casual or quickly projected can stand out of the crows. So, what is needed these days to make a notable difference? 

Everybody have a chance to use computer programs for designing the speakers, calculate their acoustical predictions and get an actual product ready for production directly from 3D sketches. CAD is for sure useful tool, but also only one part or the progress. Computer design pushed so many “ready made” speakers on the market, that couldn’t exists decades ago. This means, that these days practically anyone can dive into the waters of high-end speaker manufacturing. And what is the outcome? Sadly a vast offering of hi-fi sounding loudspeakers, that in real life offers a mediocre or even lower level of performance and having little on nothing to do with the real high-end audio audio reproduction. 

Making speakers seems to become more an more a forgotten art. Looking back in the past reveals enormous man hours in creating the speakers, that made the difference and actually offered something meaningful and worthy of calling true stand out. Along with pure engineers working hours in past, there was a considerable amount of listening session spend for finding actual audible differences of design takes and different materials being used. Just search in the history of Altec Lansing for example.

Taking time and dedication for listening! This is something that Siniša did in full meaning with his “first born”. The enormous time this man invested into the material selection and tuning of the speakers is on the level of fanatical craziness. In a good sense. What else makes things special in life? Stillness in time? Whatever part of our life we’re looking at the creational movements works the same for everything in the same way. To achieve something unique takes not only out of the box thinking, but dedication and pin pointed focus. And its not for everyone. 

People enjoy sitting in their comfort zone and love to comment world from the safe distance. Everybody seems to be highly important and self proclaimed critics these days. Yet when it come to showing up some meaningful and materialised ideas, reality strikes. Most of these highly esteemed critics can show to the world is a vapour objects and imaginative products. 

I respect everyone who’s pushing their dreams and creating something objective and finalised. Its not easy to refine a workable idea. Its even more complex and hard to make it happen. Connected to this and more intimately I’m entrapped with the energy of people who put their life and soul into their creations and pushing themselves over the limits on normal. Greatness is achieved by intelligence and hard work. I remember talking to established painter few years back. She told me along our walks how artist usually only once reach the creation peak in which he/she creates something special. The rest is painful hard work. So its not the matter of grand opening of the sky and boom-bang revealing of the mystical secret instructions from the audio messiah. Talent alone is not the working key.There is simply no easy way. Usually this shows with the finalised product and Colibri Labs venture is such. Distilled of ordinary!


Electrum project is unique in many ways, but most intriguingly it implements the numerical sequence of 1-3-6-9. With this approach Siniša wanted to achieve the harmony between different materials, panels and the basic volume of speakers chassis.   


What does esoteric approaches have to do with the high-end audio design? Everything and nothing! Let us travel back into the history for few moments. Everybody remembers Kondo San. He was a and still is a true legend and first one to bring the silver as material into the high-end audio. At the time his ideas were called crazy, esoteric, far fetched and having nothing to do with the “real” high-end audio. Yet, what was a matter of esoteric approach and laughter back then is now an industry standard. Kondo San stressed the highest importance of slow drawing of the silver for non braking the crystals. Nowdays everyone is talking about mono crystal structure and how crucial is to draw material in slow way. Kondo San brought up the importance of the material being used for audible purposes. Not only silver, but also copper and other materials for dealing with sound, micro vibration resonances etc.

In similar way Siniša Kraljić elaborated in his own way of using the  materials in his Electrum speakers. From the selection of fine wood panels and construction parts to the internal cabling, speaker drivers and proportional equations.  


For any high-end audio loudspeaker designer clear goal should always be the reality of the sound and the way the speaker reflects the music. And as such reference and guiding musical material the only holly grail could be live acoustically recorded music. This is the only objective way to compare the sound outcome of something real and of control vs music being recomposed and replayed. As I’ve stated many times before; we can talk and argue all life long, but we have no clear idea regarding the sound of any studio recorded album. They are like art considering all “colouring” of the sound. Each producer and mixing engineer project his vision of dynamic impact and final sound outcome into the project. Its like an endless canvas. This is fine, but of little significance. 

Playing few of my favourite discs through the Electrum revealed the impressive grip and dynamic ability output of this speakers. They can handle the gain and the dynamical pressure unlike any similar two way dynamic speaker I’ve heard. It seems that Siniša special construction, tuning and chosen materials played the crucial role in this stand out outcome. 

Dynamic speakers will always carry some sort of imprint. Thats a fact. Its a boxed speakers DNA down to the core and you simply cannot avoid some inherited anomalies. Yet, the Electrum speakers raised the bar impressively high. As written above, they will quickly bewilder a listener into guessing about their principle origin. They disappear into the listening space and react as nucleus on the atomic level. Electrum refined dealing with resonances eliminated them in a elaborated way. This results in stressless replay of the music where audio illusion takes an lifelike proportions and strikes with the lighting fast response and sharp attacks. Elusive vividness and dynamic impact of Electrum takes ones into the universe of its own. To the place where there are little limits and endless vastness of musical energy can take its fool bloom. 


Its said that any product carries the DNA of its maker. I couldn’t subscribe to this statement ever enough. And the relation of Electrum and Siniša flies in full path. I’m not sure I’ve ever meet such an energy potent person in my life. Siniša is the man with charisma, grand heart and intricate insight into the subtle dealings of the finer subtle energetic world, that is hidden from most of the people. I’m quite sensitive to the people energies and being close to Mr. Kraljić evoke almost literally energetic sparkling. You cannot fake this or learn it. It comes as a package. Siniša employed his positive nature into his bespoke products and they relate and reflect in such manner. The sensitive nature of music interaction reveals in the lucidity that is usually hidden in most two way speakers. Or in the speakers in general way. Siniša managed to carve the musical transducers reacting in the close and intimate reaction to the music. They evoke the interactive exchange between the performer and listener like very few can. They are energetic epic centres!


Many people are dreaming of an esoteric high-end audio product for some apparent reason. With Colibri Labs Electrum speakers you’re having a special opportunity for stepping into the intimate world and mind of charismatic audio designer Siniša Kraljić. He’s reputation from Shiatsu practise is enormous and he’s healing some of the most prominent names from Croatia. I cannot be name specific here in respecting the privacy, but long list covers the most established people from medicine, music, politics etc. 

Siniša transferred his love and passion to his audio design and one can both hear and feel this unique outcome almost instantly with the music being played through his speakers. The way music reacts with the listener is the way Siniša see audio projection of the real life events. He’s constant concert goer and keep his pace of live events in constant loop for keeping it “real”. Among his long list of friends are are quite few musician. As a hard core fan and triple checker Mr. Colibri invites them over to his home to play for him. In this way he can keep up with the way real music resonate and embrace the most important attributes with his creations and convey this experience into his creations. 

Its a rare things for somehow to morph so expertly energy transfer with a dedicated product. Siniša work is mastery on its own. His creations are completely off the traditional audio routing and as such takes one on the different, more complex musical journey. These speakers are not for everyone. These speakers are created for those who can recognise their musical potential. As thankful result listeners will be captivated into the endless listening loop session.

Colibri Labs Electrum loudspeakers represent Siniša Kraljić culmination of years of hard work and fanatical focus for perfection. Having seen this man dedication and testing methods I was both bewildered and amazed by the his approach and even more end result. 

As the man himself Electrum speakers carries and energetic impact rarely seen in the speakers of this size and fit. These speakers are of chameleon nature. You simply cannot pinned them down to a typical dynamic speakers label as they carry some of the best attributes of the horn, magnetostatics, ribbon based and typical dynamic speakers. Electrum speakers disappear in space instantly and create grand sound stage. They react to the electronics being used and that the most important part as it shows, that they have ability to reveal attributes of audio components. Tube power amplifier will  be spotted by its notable warm impact and solid state amplifier for its transparency.

One more thing, that truly captivated me is relief, multi layered mid range. This especially came alive with vocals. They're embossed with the airiness and vividness. 

The level of anchor points Electrum is able to convey captivate one in a grand way. Considering these are two way speakers the sound coming out of them is way beyond expected. Micro and macro details resolve in ethereal way and thunder like crescendos never brought Electrum to their knees. They also project the music at both quiet night listening and at the extreme levels in a connecting, interactive way. 

The company is located in Kastav (Croatia), near Opatija being very special place on its own with a rich historic and tourist tradition that attracts many celebrities from around the world. These place carry some special aura and it seems, that affects the

I feel privileged knowing Siniša Kraljić. His work represents his passion prolonged and being materialised into something unique and special. One could say that Electrum speakers are product of love for music as they play all kind of music with ease. This will satisfy both audiophiles and music lovers. Electrum really deserves a notion and Highly Recommended Mono & Stereo award fits more then properly.

I cannot call Colibri Labs Electrum loudspeakers company entry level by any means. They stand on their own and radiate with their own musical aura, thats grabs attention and embrace music at its best. Surely a surprise not expected and product of passionate, energetic and elaborated endeavour. A true stand out!


Year of production: 2014
Speaker configuration: 2-way
Cabinet type: Bass reflex
Recommended Power: 50/250W
Frequency response: 42 Hz - 30000 ±2 db
Sensitivity: 87 dB
Impedance: 8 Ohms, min 6,8 Ohms
Dimensions (HxWxD):: 1140 x 222 x 405 mm
Net weight: 52,5 kg / pc
Complete with packaging: 175 kg
Color: Rosewood, Walnut, Oak, Maple, Piano Black