Nagra HD Range and Classic line amplifiers NEW

Up until now, the audio devices made by the legendary Swiss brand Nagra have formed a single product line, but that is all set to change from today as a second line has been created to reflect the increasingly specific requirements of high-end audiophile fans. The two ranges are labelled “Classic Line” and “HD – High Definition”. The launch of the Nagra HD DAC in 2014 was the first finished product to result from the new strategy. The prototypes presented at the Las Vegas show will soon reinforce this measure. 

First amplifier in the extreme HD range

The appearance of the Nagra HD DAC last year was a vivid demonstration of what the manufacturer means by “high definition sound”. This range has been created with the ambition of getting as close as possible to total sound fidelity through extreme engineering employing the most innovative solutions. For the HD DAC, for example, Nagra has pushed digital/analogue conversion technologies so far that the richness and natural quality of the master recording tapes can be found on a simple CD.

In Las Vegas, Nagra engineers will reveal the prototype of their second creation in the HD range: a powerful monobloc amplifier with quite exceptional performance in terms of musicality and expressiveness. In order to achieve this result, the amp’s circuits have been designed with a view to obtaining total precision and running stability. Built around MOSFET transistors capable of delivering more than a constant 1’000 W RMS at low impedance and displaying a 1 MHz DC bandwidth at -5 dB, the amp is completely exceptional in every area: respect of the phase under all conditions, reaction time, distortion and residual noise reduced to negligible levels (THD + N; 0.003 %). With a 1'600 VA transformer which alone weighs in at 18 kg, each Nagra monobloc HD amp is supremely capable of managing the most difficult and complex loads. If it contributes to the lightning-speed dynamics of the amplifier, the massive power is nonetheless handled with complete control, without a hint of brutality and always preserving the subtlety of the musical content. Visitors to the show will be able to experience the benefits afforded by this no- compromise approach. This exceptional amplifier will be launched in September 2015.

A successor to the Nagra MSA amplifier in the “Classic Line” range

The second prototype which will be presented by Nagra in Las Vegas as a preview showing will be a stereo amplifier which is destined to replace the current MSA model. With power increased to 120 W RMS per channel under 8 Ohms, approximately double that of the MSA, and boasting a deeper case, this MOSFET transistor machine has been entirely revisited. It benefits from Nagra’s latest developments in sound control. Typical of the “Classic” line, it is destined for timeless hi-fi systems where the overriding consideration is the best value in terms of performance and longevity.

The prototype of the amplifier, whose designation “Classic AMP” is still subject to confirmation, will also be presented as a world premiere in Las Vegas and will be officially launched in April 2015.