TECHNEAUDIO Alumide Denon DL-103 and Denon DL-103R casing

Denon DL-103 and Denon DL-103R are for sure two of the most underrated cartridges on the market. Their history path goes way back and they made happy thousands of music lovers and audiophiles over the years. I’ve seen these two cartridges mounted on the turntables costing up to 60.000 + EUR as first - main cartridge. 

The "Alumide" DESIGN case from TECHNEAUDIO is another takes on what is seems endless mods of Denon DL-103 and 103R. This new version only weighs 2.90 g. (For comparison. The original case weighs 1.60 g). In contrast to the all-aluminium version with 7.19 g this now is much easier.

Its priced around 40 EUR what it seems like a fair deal.