Antonio Lysy At The Broad - Music From Argentina

Music has this special power to invoke memories and induce a painful longing. This album by Yarlung Artists is one of those special gems that for a music lover and audiophile has quickly become a favourite. It brought tears to my eyes as I remembered a long-ago time in my youth when I watched a tango performed for the first time, and my futile attempts to learn the dance (for those of my friends in Singapore who remember, it was the Sunny Low dance studio in Outram).

Producer and recording engineer Bob Attiyeh perfectly captures the sound of Antonio Lysy's cello, the Capitol String Ensemble and pianist Bryan Pezzone, teleporting me in time and space to the best seats of The Broad Stage, Santa Monica for the performance. This recording reminds me of RCA Living Stereo or Mercury Living Presence albums from the golden age with a liquid, warm, inviting sound. Very much more "live" than the average album.

A very special high-resolution download available from

Mono & Stereo friend Gary Koh of Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc.