CABLE4YOU Eccellso™ Custom Edition Speaker cables

After eight years of development and testing, CABLE4YOU Research introduces a new reference loudspeaker cable Eccellso™. The new CABLE4YOU Eccellso™ “ Custom Edition “ speaker cables utilize CABLE4YOU´s extremely sophisticated new technology X-TRACS™ (Dielectric Traced Circuit System), for its ability to minimize skin effect and dielectric absorption while still providing superb mechanical integrity. 

CABLE4YOU Eccellso loudspeaker cable use new X-TRACS™ technology especially to transmit an extremely accurate audio signal. This new design provides superior sonic performance and preserves the constant quality unchanged for years due to very high resistance to outside influences. Geometry of the cable and design of the conductor can offer low inductance, eliminates the self-induced deformation of the audio signal, minimize the effects of electromagnetic interference and reactance and have good rejection to Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). To protect the signal from unwanted external electromagnetic interference, the conductors are placed behind ultra effective X-TRACS™ shielding. 

CABLE4YOU Eccellso loudspeaker cable utilizes the finest materials to maximize sonic performance and provide years of stable operation. The most important factor in cable design is the quality of the conductor. The introduction of Continuous Cast Silver & Copper allows the creation of virtually perfect conductors. A heated mold forms conductors of nearly perfect structure, with flawless, mirror-like surfaces, and high flexibility and great fatigue and corrosion resistance. The grain (crystal) structure of metals has always been a limiting factor in audio cable design. 

Gases and solid impurities collect at the grain boundaries, forming non-linear (diode) junctions. These non-linearities cause the harsh, grainy sound quality of many conventional audio cables. A one-meter strand of drawn silver or copper wire, 0.3mm in diameter, consists of from 50 to 40,000 individual crystals (depending on the quality of the silver or copper). Since no conductor is absolutely pure, each crystal boundary becomes a diode, adding its own non-linearity (however weak) to the signal. 

The Continuous Casting process eliminates this source of distortion by eliminating the grain boundaries. In Continuous Cast conductors, each crystal is 125 meters long. This means that, even in long cables, there's never more than one crystal junction per strand. The single-crystal structure permits unimpeded audio signal propagation. The result is an extremely neutral sound with grain-free, extended highs that are open, airy, and detailed. This improvement is apparent throughout the full frequency range. All this leads to a very powerful cable, with extreme revelation of the smallest crystal clear detail, infinite resolution, enormous dynamics and a very realistic, holographic soundstage with an natural musicality. Eccellso speaker cables employ ultra high purity conductors. Eccellso conductors are made from uncompromisingly pure material GALLO/JET™ /HG-OCCLC (High Gloss Ohno Casting Oxygen Free High Conductivity Linear Crystal Conductor). GALLO/JET™ conductors are the result of a process that creates a permanent inter-molecular alignment of the material molecules within a conductor. CABLE4YOU Eccellso loudspeaker cable is created with 5 and 14 AWG continuous cast HG-OCCLC many times braided solid core conductors. With its HG-OCCLC conductors, the Eccellso loudspeaker cable provides pure, open high frequencies with no sharpness or harshness and offers a natural, non-resonant tonal quality across the frequency range. 

All signal cables have a characteristic resistance and reactance (capacitive and inductive), which is essentially a simple type of filter. Resistance is a linear function and simply reduces signal level while reactance is much more destructive to signal integrity in that it is frequency dependent. It skews amplitude and phase as frequency increases. The low reactance allows for extremely accurate energy transfer. CABLE4YOU Eccellso utilizes a new X-TRACS™ shielding technique to avoid all of the above distortions.The result is a geometry that offers the best characteristics for audio signal transmission. The new reference loudspeaker cable Eccellso strives to offer the highest quality speaker to amplifier connection possible. CABLE4YOU Eccellso is a non-compromise loudspeaker cable optimized for the most accurate and dynamic reproduction. The result is sonic beauty with holographic 3D imagery. 

CABLE4YOU Eccellso are standardly terminated with gold spade or gold banana connectors. These connectors ensure a solid mechanical connection at each contact point to prevent vibration or time from compromising the connection. Gold eliminates deterioration from corrosion. The final products are of course carefully terminated and inspected to ensure the highest level of quality. All these unique features make loudspeaker cables CABLE4YOU Eccellso™an excellent choice for the most demanding applications for domestic and professional audio signal distribution. CABLE4YOU Eccellso™ loudspeaker cables are standardly supplied in lengths of 2 meters.

CABLE4YOU Eccellso™ “ Custom Edition “ speaker cables help your audio system provide unheard of sound quality in stereo reproduction with outstanding clarity in high frequencies, midrange and tight natural bass. Eccellso has particularly exceptional dynamic accuracy that allow for a deep and wide natural soundstage. It is a condition when the three-dimensional reality will be recreated right in your listening room. Listen and judge for yourself!

The Superior Quality! Made in Europe.

CABLE4YOU Eccellso™ “ Custom Edition Speaker cables “
Electrical Specifications

CONSTRUCTION: X-TRACS™ (Dielectric Traced Circuit System)
CONDUCTORS: GALLO/JET™ /HG-OCCLC (High Gloss Ohno Casting Oxygen Free High Conductivity Linear Crystal Conductor)
CAPACITANCE: 76.476 pF/ft 
INDUCTANCE: 0.0542 µH/ft 
RESISTENCE: 0.000684 Ohm/ft 

Please note that measurements are of cable only and do not include connectors