Chisto upcoming products with Harmocrystal™ technology

We at Chisto are excited to show our new products at Audio/Video Show in Prague later this month. And we can open curtains on our testing procedures of new Das Klang “Richter” USB cable in one of the best setups. Tons of top Wavac, Audio Note Japan, Marten, MSB help us to listen to minimal nuances.

What we understood? 

Well, USB cable is maybe a most critical component in PC audio setup. Current expensive cables ( most japanese) play very artificial and dull. That’s why maybe pc audio is supposed is not in par with CD players or other hi-ed sources. Actually USB cable changes everything from dull to exciting. We also do not believe it until we used our proprietary technology Harmocrystal™ on Das Klang USB cable. It was VOW. Why? We have a clue but still amazed.Current Das Klang USB easily outperform all cables in $1-2K price level , but new Richter is something.

All our future products like Heresy line will include it. Current Das Klang vintage line will have special RICHTER edition with Ebony wood connectors.

P.S. There are a lot of guys in cyberspace who declare that audio cables is snake oil and etc.
Even my mentor Mark Levinson hates talks on it though he was the first man to make hi-end cables using teflon and rhodium. 

Cables matters a lot as soon as it is a critical part of any system. Cables are like tires in a sport car. Try to tell F1 tech guys about tires are snake oil. Actually you must try and feel. 

Story? Yes. 

This year I bought new Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2.0 JTDM 170 HP. Not a sport car but small step close to it. Gorgeous 18 inches sport tires made this car rude and quick. After changing to 17” and soft winter Michelin - oops. Where is its sport character? Disappeared.

Same with cables, guys. Can you imagine music without character? Think.