Pure VinylTM NEW

Pure VinylTM is a record soap formulated to aggressively dissolve and trap oil and water solubles contaminants from audio records surface.  Records treated with Pure VinylTM are noise free, last longer and protect stylus against excessive wear.  It is totally safe for the environment. Non Ionic, treated records are protected against static build-up. 

Pure VinylTM is made in Canada from specially formulated surfactants and wetting agents. It can be safely used to dissolve release agent from new records and contaminants from used records, such as mold, grease, nicotine, dust, etc, 

Priced at $19.95, the 500 ML aluminum bottle with a spray pump. It may be used with current record cleaning equipment such as 

SpinClean, Nitty Gritty and others. Pure Vinyl must be rinsed with distilled water. It is safe for record and record center labels. Dealer inquiries (Canada): audioexpert@videotron.ca 
Export and consumer inquiries: