Remton 383 tube phono stage review

As much as digital audio is capturing the high-end audio industry vinyl seems to fight back with everything it got. I don’t think, that anybody expected such a revival of analog playback. Specially at the verge of 21st century. For all the fans (me, myself and I included) of the black vinyl disk and the accompanied analog paraphernalia this a true joy as the market is as strong as ever. 

There is still a lot of hidden informations in the grooves of black spinning disc and year after year people are discovering the music via this medium in their own way. The connecting thing is different experience, sound and interaction.  

The first impact of fashionable trend of releasing music on vinyl is slowly fading away and now it feels like all major releases on even small labels see the analog format as a must. This is great as initial moment now created a standard, that is followed up at large. 


Remton Audio is small high-end audio boutique manufacturer from Czech Republic, that focuses on the creation of different phono stages. “Real vinyl sound!” encompass their moto and determination focus for refining the reproduction of vinyl playback. Company oriented in tube phono preamplifier and review model Remton 383 tube phono stage joins the complete analog fleet consisting of LCR tube phono stage, 8382 tube phono stage, 383 MK2 tube phono stage and LCR MK2 tube phono stage. 

I love the niche approach and clear pin pointed focus. This as a fact produce best results and brings on the market matured and refined products. We finally came to an era where globalisation among other things, brought a world wide market and opened up doors to many small companies to the world. 


Remton 383 tube phono stage/preamplifier uses the JJ ECC83S with zero negative feedback. Its a two chassis design with separate power supply and main unit with soft-start DC high voltage supply. Its suitable for MM, high output MC and MI phono cartridges and implements passive RIAA equalisation with zero negative feedback. Last, but not least most components are hand picked.


I’ve took out my usual stack of vinyl and marched with my selection towards Kozma Stabi S DalbyAudioDesign Special Edition Mod, with MZ AIR SOUND MILI tangential tonearm and few of the MM cartridges on hand. 

Gary Moore Still Got the blues opened up my exploring and enjoying of music via Remton 383 phono preamplifier. While not the best recording mastering wise I always love to pull out Gary’s now legendary album for some deep sad mojo emotional transfer. Its not (always) all about the dynamics and transparency. Too often we’re missing on the simple energy transfer. To sing and play the blues, one must live it. Gary was a living proof and he died doing so in the hotel room during his tour. Remton 383 evoked the “sweet” sadness embraced by the the deep tone of melahonic real blues songwriting. It clicked!

Getz/Gilberto seems to never got too much of my replay. I must been listening to this album for the xxx time. Yet, it still always fills me with same emotions. For me one of the ten desert island albums to take. 

Jobim slow pace and voice accompanied by the star ensemble gazed with southerly slow aura taking over the mood makes you let it go. If you surrender, you surrender. Then, this album will really touch you. We’re all accustom to overblown bass and midrange forwardness on the recording. I doesn’t bother me for a long time. I know this album by heart and mind and on each note strike I can know how it sound and how it should sound. Remton 383 let the music flow with enough potency, that would on moments brought down to the knees even some of the ridiculously high priced phono preamps. Remton guys took the right steps and its shows with this glorious bossa-nova at once. 

Dire Straits debut studio album by so called British “rock” band is with me now for over three decades. In its lyrical purity, its more a poetic landscape of music and words, then your typical rock album. Pat Metheny once said, how the best compliment anyone can give him is recognising him for his playing at his playing. I could not give a better compliment to Mark Knopfler. He didn’t lost his leit motive over the years. You know when Mark’s playing. 

Opening album song Down to the Waterline sets the mood of th album perfectly. “Sweet surrender on the quayside, you remember we used to run and hide…” Sultans Of Swing might be the most recognised Dire Straits song, but there are no fillers on the album. First copy of this LP was completely worn out by my continuous playing, but I’m keeping it for sentimental reasons. Like with great books. You don’t threw them away. 

Back to sound. This album quickly shows the quirks and misdeeds of any phono preamplifier under the scope. Remton 383 kept the purity intact where is most needed with more then enough “swing” to light my innards. 


I’ve enjoyed highly the testing and listening period with Remton 383 tube phono stage. Even first few note strikes entrapped my mind and evoke the curiosity. 

Remton 383 tube phono stage is a matured product, that can “squeeze” an impressive amount of information from vinyl records via MM or high output MC cartridges. There is no abundance of these out there and this phono preamplifier opens up a world of analog replay with the best possible invitation. 

Remton 383 is inviting, sublime and shows enough delicacy to full and trick even a seasoned listener regarding its price range. With analog replay we’re always talking about the flow, three dimensionality and sense of involvement. Here Remton little-big phono stage steps forward with grand pace. 

This is a proud achievement and product of nurtured vision for analog medium by the guys who clearly loves what they do. As I said in the beginning it really moves me when people are taking their work and products seriously. This leads to creation of something meaningful. In the world where we’re flooded by the vulgar vastness of mediocre products, the bright shining stars are always welcomed.  

Remton 383 tube phono stage is a creation of people passioned for vinyl and its reproduction. Remton brings tube phono stage to the 21st century with the absence of typical tube phono precognitions. It offer more then enough dynamic impact to let the music flow and encapsulate the potency of real analog revival. It might not the the last word in detail, resolution and impact. Yet, for this money it packs so many great attributes with so much musical enjoyment. It stand on its own with the projection of tone, timbre and drive cruciality.

All of you returning to analog, stepping up or just stepping into the analog realms, seasoned vinyl lover and audiophiles in the urge of something meaningful. Stop for a moment an glance toward this audio specific company from Czech Republic. Judging from Remton 383 they, not only know the technical side of operation, but can “voice” their product in all the right way. 



Suitable for MM, high output MC and MI phono cartridges
Separate power supply
Passive RIAA equalization
Zero negative feedback
Low noise
Gold plated Input/output terminals
Soft-start DC high voltage supply
Hand picked high quality components
Toroidal power transformer
Frequency response RIAA: 20 Hz to 20 kHz ±0.5 dB
Input impedance: 47 kOhms
Input capacitance: 100pF
Output impedance: 0,6 kOhms
Gain: 53dB
Tube complement matched 3xJJ ECC83S
Dimensions of each unit: 170 x 180 x 55 mm
Weight: 3 kg

2 year parts and labor warranty
Warranty for tubes: 90 days
Handcrafted in Czech Republic

REMTON audio s.r.o.
Křižíkova 159/56
Praha 8
186 00
Czech Republic