The Bespoke Audio Company Preamplifier review...

I've just repeated the process of unpacking, setting up, reading through the manual etc. With The Bespoke Audio Company preamplifier I really want to take things step by step. This is a product that intrigues me deeply and deserve my full attention. That's why its for me very important to take it slow and set the mood and pace right. 

I'll be paring it with BFA Tulip amplifier and compare with few other preamplifiers like my current flagships Robert Koda Takumi K-10 and Thrax Dionysos (basically also a TVC preamplifier, but with tube gain stage).

There are few quite unique approaches in The Bespoke Audio Company Preamplifier. One, among most prominent is for sure 46 step volume taps. Usually we're dealing with 21, 24 or 32 the best. But, here things are even more refined. This brings finer increments and "smoother" interaction between amplifier and preamplifier. 

Slowly I do start to understand the real meaning behind The Bespoke Audio Company name. The level of commitment and customer focus shades almost everything I've witness so far. Preamplifier manual is one of the most personalised and addresses every little detail down to every single details like for example dedicated units actual measurements, graphs, exact visual input/output configuration etc. One really feels being served in full attention and appreciation. Like with buying a Patek Phillipe or Vacheron Constantin high-end watch. We need this kind of attention at the current prices scheme. Things in high-end audio moved to the realm of luxury market where both aural and aesthetics should be met at the highest plane!

Lucy and Harry are among few people in high-end audio industry who are realising upon importance of such deep relation to  customer and of experiencing the bespoke audio product. This is also clearly shown with the fit and finished of The Bespoke Audio Company Preamplifier. Even non audiophile can recognise, that this is valued item at the first eyesight. 

Next step coming... First listening. Stay tuned.