Vexo S40 mkII Power amplifier

Another interesting push pull 300B power amplifier from Italy:

An amplification set with unequalled and unrepeatable features, as the result of the most advanced and mania-cal research by the Vexo team in audio equipments. Two separate units of absolute level, with a fully dual-mono and balanced design. The best of modern tube technology supported by a far out of the ordinary power supply. These pieces of equipment express an extreme, no-compromise vocation and reach a truly amazing level of smoothness, transparency, detail and overall quality. A combination of strength and gentleness that has no precedent in the use of the most beloved directly heated triode of all time, i.e. the legendary 300B tube: 50 +50 Watts into 4/8 ohms for an extraordinary experience of pure musicality and pleasure. A "real sound machine" which highlights and summarizes the philosophy adopted by Vexo:

- Parallel push-pull design with zero negative feedback.
- Fully balanced tube circuits (no discrete components or integrated circuits).
- Double chassis (power amplifier and separate power supply).
- Totally dual mono configuration with 4 encapsulated and resinated toroidal power
   transformers (separate anode voltage and filaments voltages for each channel),
   mounted on a double support that is de-coupled with anti-vibration devices.
- Fifth transformer exclusively dedicated to auxiliary and control functions.
- 12 independent stabilized power supplies dedicated to filaments voltage.
- Power tubes protection via proprietary "Bias Guard" system operating on two levels.
- "Digital Bias Control" system for the calibration and control of the power tubes bias.
- 10 Years Warranty (excluding tubes).