Aesthetix Saturn Eclipse components NEW

Musical Surroundings is officially introducing Aesthetix Saturn Eclipse line. "We have been building Eclipse versions on a very limited basis for the past few years and the response has been overwhelming. Saturn series are classic, high value components, and their performance has risen to new heights with the amazing StealthCaps capacitors from our IO Eclipse and Callisto Eclipse."

Acoustically-Damped Chassis: 
Delivering new levels of articulation and clarity by improving the damping of the audio chassis and the transformer/power supply cover.

Enhanced Transformer Isolation: 
As a result of our recent research into internal power supplies, the Saturn Eclipse utilizes a new mounting for its multiple transformers, enhancing isolation to further increase dynamic range.

StealthCap Capacitors:

Highly regarded for their ability to dramatically reduce reflections, resulting in a quieter sonic background, richer and more detailed spatial imaging, time focused musical coherence, and a broader more impactful dynamic range.

Saturn Eclipse components and MAP
Calypso Eclipse line stage: $10,000
Janus Eclipse full function pre-amp: $13,000
Rhea Eclipse phono stage: $10,000
Pandora Eclipse DAC: $12,000
Romulus Eclipse DAC/CD Player: $13,000