dc10audio Gottenburg Odin update

The Gottenburg Odin was designed specifically for today's Ultra Reference tube amplifiers and specifically to provide truly tectonic bass with a few choice watts. Tube amplifiers have such appeal sonically but often fail to deliver through the speakers the kind of full range bass slam of really big music. This kind of bass sensitivity can come in two forms: As a powered bass unit (active unit) or passive. The Gottenburg uses the latter no powered sub unit needed; Additionally, the use of a very large driver 80CM 800MM nearly 32" wide-band woofer means that unlike the usual and inefficient "air-pumping" of smaller bass units the Gottenburg woofer will create bass down to 15hz while barely moving meaning bass will be fast immediate and with out distorting lower mid-band which it's also responsible for. The giant woofer works in a co-axial set up so 3D imaging and coherence along with absolute full range sound will be realized. 

Bandwidth is estimated at below 15hz to over 65,000 hz efficiency SPL at 98db.

Each and every pair of Gottenburg is a "one-off" one of a kind: variations in details such as wood choices, bronze horn colour and patina means that Gottenburg can be built in a very traditional motif or more contemporary design. A more contemporary example might be cabinets in gloss ebony wood with horns in a shiny silver finish: any combination is possible! Gottenburg can be built to fit the room motif. Additionally, no toe-in is needed so Gottenburg can look more "built-in" to the room and sit close to the back wall which just might make the giant less imposing than smaller loudspeakers that need a great deal of room around them. 

At Munich High-End dc10audio will try to present Gottenburg Odin pair No: 02 in rare ribbon sapele and black African wenge two-tone wood with polished bronze horns. Amplification will be provided by the rare a magnificent audio of Audio Tekne from Tokyo, Japan.