MOON by Simaudio Neo 420CT Reference Cassette Deck NEW

This seems to be a perfect April's full teaser. Moon Audio just introduced Neo 420CT Reference Cassette Deck:

Our engineering team has spared no effort to resurrect an old favorite: the 4-track cassette tape. On the design bench for the past 5 years, the Neo 420CT represents the ultimate in State-of-the-Art cassette decks. Here are some of the staggering performance highlights:

- Frequency response is razor flat: 10 Hz – 24,000 Hz, +/- 0.1dB on all tapes (I, II and IV);
- Four (4) heads made of a proprietary in-house material
- 8-motor ultra-silent mechanism;
- Automatic head demagnetizers
- Price: $4,495.00