PYT Audio PYT panels review

Few months back I was contacted by Thibault Mercier, owner of the small French company producing acoustical panels. I took some time investigated his venture and found more then enough interesting points for me to take on the test and review. 

More and more the livings rooms of audiophiles and music lovers are becoming the dedicated listening rooms and not sole spaces. In such domestic conditions the the need of aesthetically versed high-end audio lifestyle products became of high if not utmost importance. Even on Facebook I’ve spotted numerous times lately discussion of bulky solution for treating the rooms.

Times of one man caves are slowly becoming a thing of the past and for the people of the people a dedicate listening room is a luxury they cannot afford. In this way homes and life’s surroundings, that we’re sharing with our families and relatives are becoming the epicentre of our high-end high-performance listening. 

When I address the importance of aesthetics I’m not talking only about the more refined looking high-end audio electronic components and speakers. Listening/living rooms more often then not needs some sort of actual treatment to fine tune the room and make actual listening potent and enjoyable. 

Most of the acoustical treatment solutions are not really a peak of the design marvel and usually comes with the hostile size and shape. Its not easy to integrate workable panels, absorbers, diffusors and other room acoustic paraphernalia with the existing living room design in absence of destroying the feel and the looks of it. This takes a lot of dedication, a careful eye and a in most cases a help of an expert.

Few smaller companies did realised this not so niche market need/demand and took the chance to present products, that represent more friendly take on the important and complex issue of stylish, yet effective room acoustic treatment. 

PYT Audio’s Thibault Mercier seems to understood this subject matter at the right time and designed quite few of interesting products suiting both music lovers and audiophiles. During our corespondency we exchanged quite few insights on the subject matter and set for the review of PYT Audio PYT SMAD Exclusive edition panels, PYT SMAD Référence panels, PYT SMAD Accès panels and PYT SMAD Référence panels TV Kit. 


PYT audio is a company that develops and markets products destined for the market of the high-fidelity:

“We offer a range of acoustical products currently unmatched on the market in terms of value for money, design and integration on a room. We appeal to the best suppliers and sub-contractors Europeans in their respective areas, in France, Germany and Spain. This allows us to propose material assemblies always more originals and powerful.

The advanced techniques alongside those more traditional in order to offer you the best final product. Our main way is the satisfaction of our customers. As such we are very attentive to their needs, their constraints and their objectives in order to always offer them the best. We design our products in such a way that, beyond their performance, they are also the most durable and aesthetically embeddable in a living space.

At PYT Audio, we are firmly believe that qualitative and performance of the product are not enough.

It must also combine elegance and simplicity. It is also necessary to find and implement practical solutions that consumer’s needs, which is always looking for more comfort. For this, it is necessary to innovate, adapt and renew itself.

However, we must also remain rational with products while adopting these qualities must also be accessible.

Both well in workplace and in the world of music lovers, audiophiles or even musicians; everyone agrees are the acoustics of a room is a determining factor in the perceived of sound quality ... the acoustic treatment is essential and unavoidable!

But in facts, rare are rooms that are equipped with acoustic treatment, as can be convinced their owners!

We have developed a range of "PYT Panel" designed to restore the interest of acoustic treatment.

For this, it has been necessary to find effective solutions identified on other kinds of products. It has been necessary to get off the beaten path with a mature technology, the "multi-layer and multi densities".

Today PYT Audio provides an innovative solution that guarantees discretion and aesthetics, thanks to its high quality Suedine surface. Of course we didn’t forget the essential: high performances! In addition we are very proud to contain in an ultra slim and lightweight panel that provides ease of use and modularity!

PYT panel can be hang on wall just in few seconds, on any surface, anywhere ... wall, ceiling, in corners, on a TV, everything has been planned with well thinking accessories designed and with a fixed idea: plug & play! Our acoustic range of panels will be able to answer at all your requirements as well as those of your entourage.”


SMAD panel is designed to improve room acoustics.  It can be fixed everywhere in your house thanks to its fast fixation system. Totally “plug & play” SMAD panel is very discreet and aesthetic. It is very thin (only 9 or 17 mm, it depends on models). It is covered with high-quality suede fabric. It will easily find its place in your modern or classic interior. 

SMAD panel is very efficient too! With its multi-laye- red and multi-density technologies, it offers a very good first-rate absorbing properties. 

Its innovative design makes it a product that is both effective on the absorption of vibrations of a support (solid) and the absorption of sound waves (air). 

The SMAD range is divided into two products: “Access” is the perfect compromise between perfor- mance and discretion, and “Reference”, which offers the best in performances and aesthetics. 


PYT panel can be hang on wall just in few seconds. 

Felt back side version: 

The back panel is loop-like (velcro) over its entire sur- face. It is possible to hang it everywhere thanks to the adhesive pads (velcro hook) provided. 

The panel also has a built metal eyelet in its back. 

This allows to hang it with small pin provided (in soft enough wall like plasterboard or wood) without any risk of damaging a surface that is more fragile with the adhesive pad (wallpaper for example). Any type of small nail or screw can be used. 

Felt back side version is compatible with corner frames and flat screen TV hangers. 

Adhesive back version: 

Back is adhesive with 3M acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive system that offers balance of initial adhesion and good holding power , it presses itself at some instants on any clean surface (no dust). 

SMAD “Access” 

Its “double skin” structure integrate heterogeneous densities of 275 kg/m3, 170 kg/m3 and 40 kg/m3. Giving to it maximum performance for minimum weight and thickness. Specific bonding techniques coupled to a system of integrated frame guarantees the best stability of the product in time, both in absorption and appearance. 

SMAD “Reference”:

SMAD “Reference” is an optimized version of techno- logies used in “Access”. 

The addition of a double multilayer structure incorporating a honeycomb interface allows to increase bass absorption performance. 



It was clear from the day one, that PYT panels were designed and planned by someone who wanted to make the easiest application and who understood the importance of the contemporary audiophile and music needs. As usually I’ve started with the first reflections and slowly prolonged to other applications.

After the measuring, both Access and Reference panels clearly showed the obvious measurable results. And so it was with the listening. When used and positioned via mirror at exact length distance, the sound image become more focused and soundstage prolonged away from the speakers. This was vividly projected even with the “simple” vocal music where things can quickly become tricky.

As the installation was drop dead simple I’ve moved forward and tried them in the corners with the PYT wooden hangers. These hangers are already cut in the 45 degree and offer seamless integration into the corners. They can host all types of PYT Audio panels. Even if the corners were not completely flat I didn’t have problem installing them. One just need to play around with water scale to position and level them. Now, sole panels will work with some bass capturing and absorbing, but for the real impact I really recommend implementation of pure sheep wool and carton ribbon shaped pieces that comes with some furniture packaging. They really add on to the actual effect of some elimination. 

PYT Audio panels went over a past months through many different situations. From treating the first side reflections, dealing with back wall absorptions, hubrises of the accented bass in the corners, front wall reflections and even the first ceiling reflection.

Thinking back about how much headaches and actual damage some of the room treatment accessories brought to my rooms over they years quickly pointed towards another migraine :). For a surprise and nice change PYT Audio panels were not only ridiculously easy to instal, but it was so much fun experimenting with them. And this is one of the key factors I’ve been missing to much in past decade with high-end gear. Simplicity, elegance and effectiveness. PYT panels brings all that in a smartly designed package.  


So how to conclude this review? I’m excited and happy, that I took the chance and reviewed PYT Audio panels. They are slick, easy to instal, effective and very, very stylish. 

I’ve tried many acoustical treatments over the years, but none come close to compactness, slick aesthetics and easy installation that PYT Audio panels can provide. They are matured, refined and well thought products, that are no brainer to implement and use in a real world application - namely our beloved listening rooms. 

PYT Audio panels acted like true chameleons and proved to be universal in the different applications. Most importantly they offered a positive and actually effective change. 

For what they represent aesthetically, acoustically and most importantly with the seamless integration they are brining into the domestic situation I’m wholeheartedly giving them Mono & Stereo Highly Recommended Product award. Well deserved!
If you’re the need or urge of dealing with the room acoustics and want to keep the visual aesthetically highly pleasing, do not pass the PYT Audio panels. They represent highly valuable acoustical panels on the different levels of of effectiveness and aesthetics, that will suit the wide ranges of demanding tastes.


Technical specifications 

PYT SMAD Reference Panel:

Multilayer structure and multi densities
Suede coating (such Alcantara)
Dimensions of plate: 400x400x17mm
Supplied with fixings

PYT Access Reference Panel:

Multilayer structure and multi densities
Suede coating (such Alcantara)
Dimensions of plate: 400x400x9mm
Supplied with fixings


Suede on the front 
Suede on the front and the side of the panel for a perfect finish 


L X l X h = 400 x 400 x 9 mm 
L X l X h = 400 x 400 x 17 mm 


Multi-layered and multi-density 
Multi-layered and multi-density with honey comb structure 


75 kg/m3, 170 kg/m3 et 40 kg/m3 
75 kg/m3, 170 kg/m3 et 40 kg/m3 


Velcro or adhesif (for structure- born noise absorption) 


150 g 
325 g