Sparkos Labs Discrete Voltage Regulators NEW

Sparkos Labs will soon be releasing a family of discrete voltage regulators designed to replace 78xx / 79xx / 1117xx and adjustable style regulators. We'll get our hands "dirty" and report about them in similar way we did with Sparkos Labs Discrete Op Amps review here: link.

Preliminary Specifications – (full engineering data sheet coming soon):

122dB input rejection
3uV RMS Noise @5Vo,  5.8uVRMS noise @ 15Vo (20Hz – 20KHz)
Excellent transient response
Stable with Ceramic and low ESR output capacitors
1 Amp output current (internally limited and protected)
Fully discrete design – right down to the error amplifier
On – board 10uF Tantalum Polymer output capacitor
Precision thin film 0.1% tolerance resistors
+/- 1.5% Output voltage accuracy
Available with positive or negative fixed output voltage of 3.3V – 24V
Available in 3 industry standard pin outs