Burmester PHASE 3 audio system NEW

The Berlin audio manufacturer Burmester announces for the High End in Munich a real sensation an all NEW PHASE 3 audio system with aesthetics and high-tech of the highest level.

The B 15 loudspeaker is perfectly matched 3 systems speaker. The speakers are adjustable in height in order to ensure an optimal listening environment in all housing conditions. The B 15 loudspeakers combine sonic neutrality of the Burmester B10 speaker with an enhanced bass response.

The design-oriented concept embodies both the timelessness of tubular steel furniture from the 30s and the industrial charm of modern lofts. PHASE 3 consists of the digital all-in-one 161 receiver and two B 15 loudspeakers. The All-in-One Burmeister 161 receiver is based on the technology from Burmester 151 Music Server, but with additional amplifier.

PHASE 3 stands for uncompromising high-end sound, intuitive ease of use on iPhone and App Burmester, ensures fast access to thousands of music files and combines these advantages with the design of modern living environment.


CD Player
RIP and streaming functions
Music Server
Integrated power amp with 2 x 100 Watt
Apple AirPlay
FM Tuner
USB Export
Convenient control via iPad® App
Play music from USB Sticks
Internet Radio
All popular audio formats to 192kHz / 24Bit
Integration with Tidal
Integration of HIGHRES AUDIO

Experience the innovations of Burmester live at the High End 2015 in Munich MOC Atrium 3, Room D 106 and let yourself be convinced by the outstanding sound characteristics.