Munich High-End Audio 2015 show highlights and report part THREE

Camera is still rolling and here is Munich High-End Audio 2015 show highlights and report part three. Perhaps many companies would need to embrace fully Sir Henry Royce famous quote shown above in the photo...


One of the unexpected highlights (and something for sure not many will write about) of this years Munich show was Paradigm new 4F Concept speakers. They’ve spent five years and one million dollars for R & D of these loudspeakers. These new speakers feature pure beryllium tweeter, active bass with 700 watts power, room correction etc. Paradigm’s Oleg Bogdanov explained in details about the complete project and they grabbed my attention on the first few notes strike. There is something right about their performance even at witchy show conditions. And no price is set yet. I've asked twice...

Blumenhofer Acoustics showed their e Genuin FS 1 MK 2 speakers partnered and driven this year with Einstein Electronics from Germany. I really look forward to hear this combination and while it showed some potential, sadly Einstein electronics didn’t have enough guts to control them to the full potential. I surely hope to hear Genuine in more controlled environment and with matching electronics of proper potency. 


Another highlight from this year Munich High-End Audio Show 2015. And another product nobody seems to care to report. I did post short clipping directly from the show on first day, but these babies deserves a few more words. 

I’ve know Genelec for decades, going back to my early years of pro studio explorations. They always had a certain appeal, but for many they might be to expensive and not having a real place in high-end audio industry. With the globalisation things changed and Genelec became much more affordable and advanced. 

Surprisingly, new Genelec SAM 8351 speakers sounded very, very good. For a person not being impregnated with the high fashion determination of high-end aesthetics these speakers represent a great package for near filed golden triangle listening. We hear continuing discussions regarding the difficulties of proper sound in domestic listening environments, chewing the chewed and beating to death the repeated. For those wanting something objective with involving factor and solid sound these might be very interesting path and a grand portion of the personal listening nirvana. And of course stepping out of endless contemplation/arguing and stepping into the actual music listening. 


I’ve overhead quite few comment regarding this certain room sound and component combination. Nagra is Nagra. And Wilson Audio is Wilson Audio. Two legends, that are quickly submitted for comments and critiques. 

For me Nagra and Wilson Audio actually provided quite a decent sound and workable presentation at certain level of authority, that offered a decent peak into what’s possible on with each brand. 


WLM speakers priced around 10k (sorry i cannot remember the name) was another nice surprise and a positive energy bump. These speakers offered an instant involving sound, that got the performance right with so many attributes and with so many anchor points of the grand illusion without overthinking and directing the sound performance. Certainly something I will strive to experience in my own home and write about in the near future. 


I’m certainly the biggest fan of technological advancements and contemporary, push forward thinking technologies. Before any thunders strikes starts editing and hoover over my geographic azimuth points let me remind all of you, that last year smallest Radiho speakers were among one of my personal favourites from Munich 2014 High-End Audio Show. I even called them the little wonders. And this year? Lot to hanker for… Nothing even remotely close to justified the price range and hype. I’ve really, expect more and wanted to like the outcome. But…


Manuel Huber and FM Acoustics needs no introduction. Some worship him to heavenly abode level, others thinks he’s overcharges premium for his products and build quality. One thing is for certain. There is no better person and more majestic in presentor then Manuel Huber. He’s permeated with true passion for music and there is simply no doubt about him being genuine in this regard. Regardless of his age his vibrancy resonate at 200% output and this is clearly engraved into the DNA of his company products. 

Another thing worth mentioning is the FM Acoustics repeated solid sound performance. Among fewer brands, FM Acoustics seems to always perform at the certain level, that have a firm constant. Little system shown at Marriot hotel might not have been at its best this year. I’ve heard the exactly same setup performing much better, but still the output came close to what it was expected.