SMc Audio HI Fi One AC Nexus Reference Power Enhancer NEW

SMc Audio a leader in innovative audio solutions presents their reference $16,000 power enhancer and grounding solution, exclusively distributed by Hi Fi One.

• Cost no-object engineering, component selection, and execution
Designed for use in the worlds finest systems. Effectively enhances
power delivery and ground quality without the negative effects of
poor quality components and the current limiting of coils and
• Proprietary enhanced grounding configuration with ultra-hi-purity copper bus and Cardas unplated copper grounding posts.
• Duelund silver capacitors and silver wire, with ultra-pure copper wiring throughout
• Bocchino Mariner 10 IEC connector for maximum power transfer and unlimited current capability
• Stillpoints vibration technology throughout, including Ultra SS isolator feet and standoffs
• Furutech GTX AC receptacles, back plate and carbon fiber cover plates
• Rigid, inert, unibody construction forms an ideal housing
• Passive operation, unrivaled transparency and neutrality with
incredible dynamic expression
• Allows your equipment to finally achieve its full sonic potential
and delivers a richness of musical information not previously attainable