Tidal Assoluta power amplifiers update

Assoluta Monobloc: in a time where power amplifiers using more and more whatsoever digital amplifier technology, power switching supplies and getting rather smaller than bigger, TIDAL does release a power amplifier which has, to say so dominant dimensions, a whopping weight and seems not to go hand in hand with this trend.

So why does a company being able to design and build anytime a much smaller and yet powerful amplifier with any digital technology such a product? There is only one answer we are interested in: performance, no matter what it takes.

The result is a true mono channel amplifier with an active regulated power supply for all the current parts and all the voltage parts. 3 huge silver hollow-conductor EMV transformers, complex 4-layer PCB boards and the complete absence if signal wires. Also we use a complete new way of “cold-welding” the transformer output cables directly into the in-house made PCB-boards. Power? For sure enough and anyway a side product for us :-)

• Tidal’s proprietary linear power supply that accurately regulates the voltage and current with 330,000uF capacity per channel.
• Three Tidal’s proprietary transformers with pure silver, surface polished hollow conductor winding. Each transformer is magnetically shielded and temperature controlled in a resonance damped cabinet.
• Cold welding on all termination for lowest resistance and stable contact area.
• No coupling capacitors in the signal path.
• Multi-layer PCB with 4 x 105 uF layers.
• Ultra-low impedance capacitors directly at the transistors

• Weight: 85kg
• Dimension: 60cm L x 44cm W x 32.5cm H
• Power: 360W/8ohm, 700W/4ohm, 1,200W/2ohm
• Power Supply: 3 x 800VA transformers
• Linear Power Supply: 1 x 2,000VA
• Bandwidth: More than 500,000Hz
• Distortions 25W/4Ohm: Below 0.01%
• Distortions -1dB below max power: below 0.08%