Koetsu Blue Lace cartridge

Koetsu Blue Lace has arrived and just installed on my Vertere Reference tonearm… You have to hear it to really know what this Koetsu can contribute to the ultimate performance. Expect the performance that can rival the top cartridges out there.

I hear a balance presentation without any exaggeration on any particular bandwidth per se. The mid is rich enough (and not too much) to give a sense of “real” palpability and density thus images took on a scale and space that is as real as it get in my system.

Dynamic is clean and clear with low that will not overhang or linger. You can expect excitement here if the recording permits.

I can say it is one great phono cartridge but at a price…enjoyI try the Koetsu Blue Lace at loading 35 ohm (recommended at 30 ohm), this is an off the chart performer…tightest bass, solid and palpable imaging, soundstage is so clear as if you can gauge the size, the highest standard thus far…

Dato’ Danon Han