Ultimate Audio

It's great to see a store of such magnitude being present in Europe. Ultimate Audio carry more then 40 brands on the whooping 500 m2 space. For the most of the brands they cover both Portugal and Spain market.

There are four main rooms. The biggest main stereo room hosts full scale flagship Gryphon system on 58  m2. Second stereo room host smaller Gryphon system with Panteons speakers on 37m2. They also have smaller 24 m2 room that reflect the domestic conditions of normal sized room. The last room is Audio Video space that offers a surround experience at 34 m2.
Ultimate Audio wants to offer a chance to experience the real ultimate audio experience. They achieved a lot in the seven years of existence by combing the man power of genuine enthusiasm and expertise.
Once you meet the team it's clear why the success. They work differently and understand what other branches of industry figured out long time ago. On this level of operation customer care and customers service means everything. Friendly, honest and bespoke dealings makes a life time customers and friends.
Further on Ultimate Audio wants relate on cultural level with bringing younger crowd into the high quality listening, but with more affordable systems.

It's always pleasure to meet Gryphon CEO Flemming Rasmussen. He personally came and assist with setting up the grand system. We exchanged quite some thoughts and agreed on many points regarding the high end industry.

More to follow.