Boulder Amplifiers 2008 phono preamplifier retires

Goodbye, 2008.

After 13 years in production, we're sad to announce that due to various parts no longer being available, the 2008 Phono Preamplifier must quietly be retired and will no longer be produced.

For many people, the 2008 was the first product from Boulder that they had ever heard of or read about. It featured a number of innovations for a modern phono stage that have become common in phono preamps from other manufacturers, such as multiple inputs, additional EQ curves for records from the 1950s and earlier, a pass-through for cartridge damagnetizing and multiple low-cut filters. It was also the first piece of electronic gear to earn and justify the A+ rating from Stereophile magazine for their Recommended Components issue.

To everyone who owns a 2008: be proud. Not only do you possess a piece of audio history, but a hell of a phono stage, too.