Cessaro Air one preamplifier NEW

The Cessaro GmbH with their brand Cessaro Horn Acoustics out of Hessian Nidda has presented their new reference electronic for the first time officially at the High End 2015 in Munich, the preamp Cessaro Air one and the power amplifier Cessaro Air two.
The electronics of these two reference amplifiers were developed in a three-year cooperation between Cessaro Horn Acoustics and Ypsilon Electronics from Greece.

In focus was the realisation of a perfect electronic match for our Cessaro Horn Acoustics high- efficiency horn-systems without any compromises. Our combination of preamp and power- amplifier will also push other speaker-systems to peek performance.

The Preamp

Cessaro Air one

After an extensively testing period and due to the extreme high-efficiency of the Cessaro horn- speakers we decided to build a preamp in transformer technique without an active amplifier stage.

Centrepiece of this outstanding performance of the Cessaro Air one is a pure-silver-made transformer. His dimension would be suitable for one or the other piwer-amplifer Output- Transformer. The basis for this transformer is a core, which in his dimension is specially produced for our specification. This very expensive core material is excellently adjusted for our construction and can hardly be found in the audiophile world. Even under suboptimal circumstances the frequency bandwidth achieves 4Hz – 100.000Hz.

With an optimal adjusted level frequencies from 2Hz – 350.000Hz could be achieved.

With theCessaro Air one the output-impedance depends to the input-impedance of a phone stage, DAC or any other source component.

Given a maximum volume adjustment (Step 31) at the preamp, the output-impedance correlates
exactly to the input-impedance of the connected source, for example 600Ohm. So the output- impedance decreases with every step down at the volume adjustment. In the lower level settings (step 1 – 10, for example) it ́s possible to achieve output-impedances under 10 Ohm – depending on the source. This makes clear, why this preamp shows an extraordinary performance also in the lower level range.

Because of this technique the input-signal isn ́t influenced by an amplifier circuit, tubes, resistors or capacitors in the signal path. The listener will be rewarded with an absolute neutral sound reproduction without any noises, harmonic distortion or other tonal changes. You only hear your source, interventions to the musical events don ́t take place. It ́s highly recommended to use sources of the highest quality, because the Cessaro Air one will show their excellence clearer than ever.

Further benefit of our construction – optimised to Cessaro high-effenciy-systems – is the not to be underestimated noise- and humming-freeness. Even in very quiet music passages the system stays calm and steady. An absolute dream for Classic lovers, who love and enjoy to experience explosive tone impulses out of the nowhere.

Also when it comes to comfort, the Cessaro Air one sets standards for the high-efficiency speaker world. If you ever tried to adjust a speaker-system with 106dB or more in the lower level ranges without using a resistor-based-20dB switch, you will appreciate our volume adjustment with 31 steps. This very one volume adjustment can be done directly at the device or by remote control.

These transformation tappings are connected lossless by dense silver-contact realise. All adjustments are readable in outstanding quality from the OLED-Display with a deep black background.

To meet the countless inverted music recordings, we included a remittable phase switch. Try it! You will be surprised, how often you can find both variations on the same sound carrier. These recordings are normally generated by recordings in different studios, who are combined on one sound carrier, for example a CD. There will be a dramatic sound improvement if you choose the correct phase.

The operator can choose between 2 RCA-Outputs and 5 Inputs. XLR-In- and Outputs can be realised custom made on request.
With a living weight of 35KG the Cessaro Air one is built for eternity.

Dimension: W420mm x L435mm x H190mm (without stands)
Price incl. VAT 46.000 Euro (Due to different regulations prices can vary from country to country)