Cessaro Air two Power Amplifier ultimate NEW

Also with the development of the amplifying side of the electronics – the power amplifier – the goal was to make the grade to the high-effcency of the big Cessaro systems and to give them the best play partner.

Due to tonal and harmonica reasons we decided to use a single-ended tube amplifier with only two amplifier stages and two output tubes in parallel circuitry. The extreme laborious winding method of the output transformer creates a perfect behaviour even with parallel operating output tubes. Realised by using extreme few parts and coupled directly with only one „Plate Choke“ between the first and the second amplifier stage, there are no interstage transformers or capacitors in the signal path.

The technical goal of this concept is a super-fast reaction of the pulse processing, combined with a natural sound pattern of highest resolution and highest emotionality. To transfer also the complete dynamic range of a large classical rochester or a Big Band without hearing a significant compression, we determined an amplifier power of 50W with the Cessaro Air two. This does ́t sound superlative in the age of digital technique, but with the single-ended tube technique it is a very good number. In combination with the Cessaro Beta II-F4 we achieve a sound pressure level of 123dB at 1W / 1m.
TheCessaro Air two uses a simple circuitry, a big-dimensioned output-transformer (custom made core size) specially made of nest core material with silver winding on primary and secondary side, a very low output-impedance, an extreme expensive power supply for the high voltage range and the lament voltage with separate power supplies for each tube section combined with the finest NOS-Tubes. The audiophile listener will experience something special in sound – guaranteed. Especially, if you combine it with a Cessaro high-efficiency speaker system of 106dB 1W / 1m.

Built-in tubes per amplifier mono block:

2x WE437a 2x GE VT4C 8x GE 5R4 1x EZ81
Dimension: Performance: Input Impedance: Bandwidth: Output :
Driver-tube Power-tube
Rectifier tube for VT4C Rectifier tube for 437a
B374mm x L635mm x H410mm (without covering cap) 50W 1Khz 5%THD
8Hz – 70.000Hz -3dB

Suitable for speakers with 4-8 Ohm impedance (For tonal reasons we prefer output transformers without different tappings for various speaker-impedances)