Dali Opticon Series Speakers NEW

Today Dali revealed the name of their future IKON. The DALI OPTICON series. A high-performance speaker series created with a broad audience in mind. 

"DALI OPTICON loudspeaker - Sound evolves. So do we. "

Designed, produced and assembled in Denmark, the DALI OPTICON range is true to everything ‘DALI’. With the OPTICON series we believe to have created a speaker series produced to stand out from the rest - and impress!

With no less than seven(!) members, the DALI OPTICON family has a speaker for every room, need and occasion. This new range builds on the DALI heritage. It incorporates the DALI sound principles - giving the listener a clear, undistorted and coherent sound reproduction, perfectly suited for the optimum musical and home cinema experience. The high-performance OPTICON series is developed based on the technological know-how, we have acquired through our years of research and experience when developing the EPICON and RUBICON series.

Coming August 6.