Danish Loudspeakers, LydByDissing

Look at this picture my friends.

It shows a beer, some chocolate on the table, and two cups ready for a damn good cup of coffee. And furthermore it shows us something we in Denmark call “hygge”. You can translate this word to cosy or fun. It means that we are generally having a good time. 

So the other day, I was visiting a young audio engineer who has made some on wall speakers. I´ve visited this sympathetic guy a year ago, as well as listened to his speakers for the Scandinavian magazine nomono: here

Now he was showing me his new and updated speakers. We had a seat, had a beer, a cookie and some fruits from the garden, and listened to music. Of course, we discussed some small technical issues, and how they where all solved, but the main focus was just to listen to a song, and another one, hey, there comes another track, do you know this song, oh THIS one is good…

The beer was cold, outside it was hot, the sound was just right. So why ask for more?

Now this is what we call “hygge”.

The company is called LydByDissing, and the speakers are named Copenhagen On Wall. The really good thing about on wall speakers is that you don’t have to fight with the speakers distance to the wall. You don´t have to use room correction, or countless hours to move your speakers a few inches back and forth, or to the side. Because the sound is not being reflected from the walls, you just have neutralised one VERY big factor why speakers do sound very different in different rooms. So why fight the laws of physics, why not join forces so the direct and the reflected sound is in phase? And not only is your frequency response more even distributed, you also get some free dB´s from the walls, so your speakers gets more efficient. 

These are just some of the principles behind the Copenhagen On Wall speakers.

The designer Tue Dissing shares some of his secrets in an e mail:

“The Copenhagen On Wall speaker is hand build in Denmark by our skilled cabinetmakers to ensure the best possible finish. The Ash wood front is perfectly matched with the matt off-white finish of the cabinet. This combination easily becomes a natural part of the living room wall.

The ultra light and stiff ceramic dome tweeter is mounted in a waveguide, that enables it to effortlessly work together with the two fast 5” aluminium bas-/midrange drivers. The crossover solely consist of the best possible parts and we therefore only use air coils, foil capacitors and MOX resistors in our crossover.

The construction is a true 2-way speaker with a 4th order crossover – at 2kHz – this ensures a perfect transition between the drivers and as a result a very flat frequency response.

In order to achieve the low crossover point the tweeter is mounted in a waveguide. On top of the low x-over point this gives the speaker a very wide and even horizontal and vertical dispersion and at the same time phase aligning the drivers, resulting in a big and clear sound stage.”

And while we already liked the first speaker we listened to a year ago, this one is even better. We like the openness and the very phase coherent sound, where no notes are louder than others, again due to the wall mounting use.

And no HiEnd pre/power Amp was driving the speakers, just a normal integrated Amp with Spotify feeding it all.

Rumours say that LydByDissing already have customers as far away as in Dubai. Quite a big step for a small upcoming Danish loudspeaker brand.

Text and photos: Kurt Lassen

Tel.: +45 20 68 33 02