dc10audio Gothenburg Odin Ultimate Horn Loudspeaker update NEW

Exclusive Mono & Stereo insight into the dc10audio Gothenburg Odin Ultimate Horn Loudspeaker.

As we finish the first Pair of Gothenburg loudspeakers we are already getting excited to start the second pair which we hope to be in super rare African ebony and black wedge woods with horns finished in silver with upgraded solid silver finished bronze resonator bezels and 800 silver sea dragon ingot at the top. 

One can order the horns and resonator frames in solid 800 silver! Quite an investment with over 150 lbs of solid 800 coin silver and is priced at current silver price plus 15% for casting the precious metal

Pre-fitting solid bronze horns.

Gothenburg uses lots of solid wood parts such as the resonators and massive solid wood plinths with fine details such as micro inlays and solid wood corners. Note: the creamy coloured rare 6A white cedar resonator behind the dual pass-through holes.

Rare African ribbon spell with beautiful jewel like ribbon figure

31.5” 80 cm wide band woofers are hand made in Japan are rare and expensive

Both the centre (inside) and outside of the horn are utilised to augment the loudspeakers efficiency including full bass to a real 15z! The horn is de-coupled from the cabinet with a unique suspension.