Eelcdol 12AX7 gold pin tubes

This came in today. It might be of interest for some of you. 2Pcs Eelcdol 12AX7 gold pin matched pair vacuum tubes - Amplitrex at1000 test.

12AX7-TII is a low noise double triode and small size novel tube, it is used as voltage magnification in audio amplifier, and inverter drive push-pull amplifier.

Uf—————–6.3(并) 12.6(串) V
If——————-0.30 0.15 A

Direct Interelectrode Capacitances
No.1 No.2
input———-1.6 1.6 PF
output———-0.46 0.34 PF
grid to plate———-1.7 1.7 PF
Static parameter
Ua————–100 250 V
—Ug————-1 2 V
Ia—————0.5 1.2 mA
Gm————–1.25 1.6 mA/V
u—————-100 100
ri—————-80 62.5 KΩ
class A1.maximum.single triode.
Ua—————-330 V
-Ug————–—50 V
+Ug————– 0 V
Pa————-1.2 W
Uh-k(pk)——–±180 V

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