Eversound ESSENCE active sound system review is coming

Eversound ESSENCE active sound system with the in-house developed coaxial driver at the heart of the system is coming soon at Mono & Stereo for test and review. Here is some official info:

The ESSENCE is a modern, elegant speaker, beautifully designed and engineered, with impeccable craftsmanship. It’s the most compact speaker in the world with genuinely high-end performance, perfect for compact spaces, bedrooms, and offices. They sound fantastic, with unmatched clarity. Vocals and stereo imaging especially are superb. Audio quality has been the primary aim and driving force for Eversound from the start, and the main factor that turns heads during demonstrations. The ESSENCE is in a class of its own, filling the gap between the mainstream and high-end, and creating its own market segment. Many customers will purchase them for the design, many for the sound quality, but they’ll be a hit with audiophiles and design conscious consumers alike.

Internal 24-bit/96kHz asynchronous USB DAC designed in partnership with Gordon Rankin, renowned as the designer of Wavelength products and Audioquest’s Dragonfly 

- USB input does not require drivers on Windows or Mac
- Optical Tousling input for televisions or Bluetooth® receivers
- 3.5mm and RCA analog inputs for all other devices such as phono stages

- Auto standby/wake function so once you choose an input, you almost never have to press a button again
- High quality amplified headphone output
- In-house developed coaxial driver, one of the best coaxial drivers on the market, features a die-cast aluminium basket, neodymium magnets and caption voice coil
- The cabinet of the speakers is entirely die-cast aluminium, very high precision, with interlocking panels that go together in a unique fully modular assembly method
- A system of grooves which run along all joints and tension rods across the length of the cabinet acoustically seal and lock the entire cabinet to form one solid inert block free from resonances
- Amplification is a 50W/channel ICEpower module
- Will never become obsolete because it doesn’t have any gadgets whose specifications change frequently
- Made in Switzerland
- Retail €2760