Holton Precision Audio Dual Mono Block Cube Power Amplifier NEW

Introducing the first in Holton Audio’s commercial series of audio amplification products, this power amplifier uses the latest innovations not seen before in Holton Audio’s DIY products, but having all of the much sort after exceptional sound quality that Holton Audio products are known for around the world.

The chassis for this new amplifier is machined from 10mm high grade aluminium plates and all fastening of the plates are done from the inside of the case, allowing no visible or external mounting holes to show on the outside of the case. The top lid for the case is 10mm machined plexiglass, so you get to see the audio artwork inside the chassis.

The audio signal input and output connectors will be either Cardas or ETI Eichmann connectors for uncompromising connection to the outside world.

The power plant for both channels is a custom designed 800VA encapsulated toroidal transformer which has 4 sets of secondary windings, 2 sets of windings are connected to each mono block amplifier module and each mono block module has a total of 56400f of supply filtering per channel.

Power management is handled by an analog computer AC mains controller, providing timed power turn on current limiting, sequenced audio output enable providing very clean audio output turn on and turn off. The new amplifier can be power on and off remotely via the 6.35mm jack 12 volt trigger input, the 12 volt trigger mode can be found on most higher quality per-amplifiers and AV receivers. 

Power output with this model is 150 watt RMS into 8 Ohms and 260 Watts RMS into 4 ohms both channels driven.

This amplifier is due for release in September 2015, the price for this amplifier will be announced in July 2015.

Power Output per channel
 150 watts RMS into 8 Ohms 260 watts RMS into 4 Ohms per channel
Frequency response
1.6 Hz to 330 kHz -3dB
Signal to Noise Ratio
-110dB SNR Unweighted with respect to full power output
Total harmonic distortion
0.01% at 1khz 100 watts RMS 8 Ω
Input Impedance
Single ended: 33k Ω
Input sensitivity
1 volt RMS for full power at 8 ohms
Slew rate
Approximately 80 volts/µsec
 Damping Factor
100hz 8 Ω = 800
1khz 8 Ω = 650
10khz 8 Ω = 250
Power Transformer
Custom designed encapsulated 800VA transformer
112800µf power supply total filtering
Input connectors
ETI Eichmann HC-XTC Phono Pods
Output connectors
ETI Eichmann Cable Pods or Cardas connectors
Outside Dimensions
300mm W x 160mm H x 260mm D
Unit Only: 19.0 kg