Max Research high-end audio record label free download

Massimo Painting’s Max Research record label surely deserve some more attention for their unique vision and approach to the high-quality music recordings:

The researched catalog of this small, excellent record label from Tuscany is ranging from normal resolution and high resolution audio recording and music transferred from the analog tapes. With these Max Research is employing almost obsessive attention to the main parameters of the music: the naturalness and reality of listening environmental reconstruction of the sound event. Max Research is trying to avoid usual unnatural artifices, mic placement and mixing usually adopted by some engineers.

Label recordings were made using two microphones in a strictly chosen sound environment by Massimo Piantini.

Max Research music catalog offer a variety of genres; Classical, jazz, rock and ethnic. Artist might not been widely known, but they’ve been embraced for their great artistic potency.

Download a audio sample HD 24bit 96KHZ: here

Max Research production: here