Modern British Audio Progression Floor Standing Speakers NEW

The Progression floor standing speaker is hand crafted in an elegant form that will grace most surrounding. It has been tuned to allow hours of tireless enjoyment projecting a natural soundstage with clear detail. Our carefully selected drivers produce a sound that is warm and enveloping with an excellent tonal balance. The Progression speaker is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium extrusions that provide a rigid and graceful structure. The shape of the extrusion is designed to eliminate standing waves in the cabinet that can adversely colour the sound. Along with some beautiful standard offerings, we are able to custom finish our products to match decorations by colour, wood veneers and vinyl wraps. The Progression is hand built at our premises in Kent, UK and are designed to encourage you to spend more time with your favourite music.


2-way vented-box floor stander
1x ø19mm aluminium dome ferro-fluid damped
Mid Bass:
2x ø146mm Paper cone with Nextel® coating
Frequency response: 
36Hz- 20kHz ±6dB
88dB spa (2.83V, 1m)
Nominal impedance:
6 Ohm
Crossover frequency:
Recommended amplifier:
50W – 150W into 8 Ohm