Orpheus Lab Absolute Mediaserver NEW

The Absolute Mediaserver which was showcased for the first time to the public during the High End 2015 in Munich will be officially launched on the market in September 2015.

Orpheus’ Team is very proud to officially present its brand new device, the Absolute Mediaserver. This in- house development distinguishes itself both with its outstanding sound quality as well as the speed with which it processes large amounts of data. To reach those performances, the Absolute Mediaserver is equipped with an Intel i3 processor, mSata SSD for the OS, a built-in ripper, 2 headphone ports, HDMI and DisplayPort video outputs, a profusion of digital outputs, a fully balanced audio signal path, DVD/Bluray with 4K support, up to 4TB memory, UPnP server and rendered functions, a 1280 x 800 7” touchscreen display and an Android and iOS remote app. With its numerous specifications, the Absolute Mediaserver defines itself as a complete solution offering state-of-the-art digital performance.

About Orpheus Media

Our Swiss company, located in the well-known Montreal area, develops and produces high-end audio products since 1998 destined to fulfil any music lovers. Starting with the Classic Line to the Heritage Line, the four Lines of Orpheus are designed to respond to the needs and expectations of audiophiles, looking for an outstanding sound quality combined with an harmonious design.