Robert Koda Takumi K-10 preamplifier masterpiece

Robert Koda Takumi K-10 preamplifier is one of the steadiest gear in my reference rig and it will stay without a doubt. This is the only an first preamplifier, that dragged me away from top tube preamplifiers into the solid state camp. But, this is no ordinary solid state preamp. Robert had no prior experience with solid state preampfification and started up from ground zero. He approached to K-10 creation in similar way tube design are made. And result is something so captivating, that I was practically intoxicated at such level, that my already short sleeping intervals was reduced down to the bare, bare minimum. 

Many of you don't know, that Robert Koda worked at Kondo Audio Note Japan. Mr. Kondo San personally "grabbed" him to Japan where he worked on many project. Kondo M1000 MK2 preamplifier is among few. Later one he decided to fulfil his dream and started his own company, that encompassed his life long experience, knowledge and unique vision of ultimate high-end audio reproduction. He moved away of typical Kondo Audio Note Japan sound and managed to produce something completely different, that elevates music at completely different plane and with completely different approach. 

Yes, I'm the fan! It took me few years to get my K-10, but I knew it from the first encounter I want IT. Harmonic richness is on the level and above of most tube amplifiers and it brings something that addresses my inner coherency in exact manner and so closely to what moves me with the real life music experience. Interestingly and intriguingly most people I've demonstrated Robert Koda Takumi K-10 were fooled into believing, that this is actually the tube preamplifier. Robert managed to implement the best attributes of tube preamplifiers into what seems to be impossible - solid state. If you have a chance surely try to listen to this masterpiece along with K-15 and K-70.