Sandstorms deep musical magic

A little different musical escape for today. Sometimes is more then worthy to move from the safe guarded and known musical norms. Electronic music is too often overlooked in a grand scheme and this is why I occasionally try to post and highlights some of the hidden gems. Sandstorms track from  Carl Craig Just Another Day EP.

Now turn off the lights and close the curtains. Imagine a longest driver from Detroit to the endless beach… This is where Sandstorms might take you. Beautiful track. Complex simplicity, that is traveling miles into the subconsciousness.

Carl Craig is one of the godfathers of Detroit techno with more then impressive repertoire. There is no bypass of Detroit music scene, that started a quite revolution off numerous artist around the world. I’ll bring more in my upcoming highlights.

For those willing to dive into it. Try to get it on vinyl. Ultimately purist listen to the Detroit techno is almost mandatory on black analog medium…

Matej Isak