Skogrand Beethoven cables, TriangleArt and vinyl

I’m listening to this vinyl album of Ry Cooder and am greatly entertained. I am more enthused as I have just received the Skogrand Beethoven speaker cable from Knut P. Skogrand through HiFiCreation for review. 

Maybe some of you may recalled that Skogrand Tchaikovsky cables are so impressive in my then audio system that I have awarded them “The Cable of Choice 2013”. Some may have noticed that I have yet to award any such award to any component that have come my way and even those that I have purchased…wait for the review.

And these two vinyl albums are in heavy rotation at my audio system due to the arrival for review of the TriangleArt Apollo MC cartridge and the Skogrand Beethoven speaker cable. These recordings are wonderfully made and will really showcase the strength (and weakness) of an audio system. Those that have visited my audio den were treated with these fine music. 

The few whom have heard the TriangleArt Apollo MC have been intrigued by its contribution to the presentation. I will add that the Skogrand Beethoven speaker cable is another great advantage to any audio system…they sure help mine!

Dato’ Danon Han