Sonus faber interview

How is it a day inside the manufacturing department? Generally it is very busy but well-tuned; noisy, but with good music. We asked Alberto for something more: he is one of the most skilled employees in the company. Today, he reveals some details about the Sf workalike. 

How long have you been working here in Sonus faber?

16 years.

Tell us what’s your job about: your tasks and your team.

Together with the production manager, I manage the Production department. It is a big deal and a constant team working with the manufacturers of the leather covering section, the crossover team and the assembling division.

What’s the atmosphere like in the production department?

It feels like home: the radio plays all day long and it’s great to work with colleagues, who are like friends to me! Sometimes on Fridays we have this special ritual: the production department calls every offices for a sort of meeting in the lunch zone for the “Sopressa Day” (Sopressa is a typical cold cut from Vicenza). 

It’s a little break with a slice of bread with sopressa, and then we go back to work on the toughest day of the week!

Which is the production phase that fascinates you more, and why? 

I cannot choose! Generally, it is such a beautiful thing to work on a product with your own hands and to see it taking a shape; moreover, the bigger loudspeaker are assembled in pairs, so it is even more engaging!

How did the company evolve in the last years and how this influenced working in your department?

From “the Sonus faber” on, we took a great jump in technology and design. Now we are taking orders from the whole world, and they order even very particular finishings…so you cannot really ever get bored. 

Have you ever been attached to a particular Sonus faber product? Do you feel something for a particular loudspeaker, maybe you have been part of its realisation or you feel it could belong to you? 

The Cremona Collection: I assembled a lot of them!  I have to make a special mention to Ex3ma… such a peculiar and important loudspeaker, made only in 30 pairs which felt a lot like mine.

Stradivari vs Aida: better a “classic sound” from an Homage Collection product, or an “innovative sound” starting from something that did not exist? 

You can’t really tell: if you look at simpler production phases, it is better to have loudspeaker with fewer components. Stradivari, compared to Aida, is easy as a pie, but nothing is like the Sonus faber. 

Say hi and tell us you favourite Sf loudspeaker and the vinyl you would choose to play with.

Minima, such a reference point, with…something by the Iron Maiden!