An excerpt  from my corespondency with Stuart Cameron and a peak into the Tapeheads  cassette/R2R enthusiasts universe...

"Firstly, Tapeheads is a dedicated analogue site, and although this is not a unique position it is to my mind the best, by which I mean friendliest and most informative. Cassette and R2R are the mainstays, turntables following and digital formats too.

A number of audio engineers frequent Tapeheads and are very generous with their thoughts, time and suggested repairs on this so called anachronistic medium.

Our community is global, growing and enthusiastic. We have a links and resources page.

Sadly, companies such as Nakamichi and Tandberg no longer manufacture the products that established their name, nor Revox for that matter (but they will rebuild the excellent B215 from scratch, albeit for a price) As for the software, namely blank cassettes, eBay is the most accessible place to acquire tape. I can't see a cassette revival in the way that vinyl has reestablished itself...but you never know."

Photo: Stuart Cameron