Gryphon Pendragon and Harmonix 666 Million footers

Harmonix 666 Million footers replaced the original footers under my Gryphon Pendragon Loudspeaker system. It took a bit of time and the strength of three strong men for the change. The result, to me, is worth it.

After a few days for the replacement footers, the Harmonix 666 Millions to run in, I am totally in with the improvements. The midrange enjoys a certain envelopment that allow the four chassis speaker system to gel in much more coherently. The presentation is not muddle in any way, instead each image enjoys fuller body, weight and presence. The tempo remains as precise as it can ever be that I have yet to hear any better (of course, based on my experience alone). I find the musicality and the whole enjoyment of the presentation are so much more enhanced that these sixteen Harmonix 666 Millions footers made me the cheapest and most potent upgrade so far…I m enjoying them!

Dato’ Danon Han