Konski & Krüger Eckmiller Klangfilm legendary filed coil speakers

Konski & Krüger / Eckmiller / Klangfilm - cinema speakers with 16” field coil drivers and expo horn field coil tweeters.

This is a pair of movie theatre speakers built in the 1940s in Berlin by the company “Karl Krüger form. Konski & Krüger”. (This company also used to build the cipher machine “Enigma” for a period of time during the war. It is also known as the executing company for Hans Eckmillers legendary coaxial driver type O15a, which also bears the “Konski & Krüger” sticker on the back and which was used by the German Reichsrundfunkgesellschaft RRG. Eckmiller was also the leading sound engineer for Klangfilm.) The 16 field coil drivers of these two speakers look very much like the Klangfilm field coil drivers. In fact, the phenolic spiders of these K&K drivers are identical with the spiders used in the KL-L401. It is likely that both companies cooperated.

Some data regarding the K&K speakers:

Consecutive serial # : 568 / 569
Caps dated 12/42 and 1/43
Total height: 102 cm
Width: 52 cm
Depth: 37,5 cm
Total weight apron. 40 kg / unit
Fullrange/Bass driver 16” (40,5 cm) diameter, 10,5” (27 cm) height.
Tweeter/expo horn front 14 x 14” (36,5 x 36,5 cm), total length of tweeter and horn: 13,5” (34 cm).
DC re measurement results:
Fullrange/bass driver 1: voice coil 10,8 Ohms / field coil 2,27 Ohms.
Fullrange/Bass driver 2: voice coil 10,8 Ohms / field coil 2,20 Ohms.
Tweeter 1: voice coil 9,0 Ohms / field coil 2,43 Ohms.
Tweeter 2: voice coil 8,6 Ohms / field coil 2,31 Ohms.