LampizatOr DSD Computer NEW

All new DSD Computer by Lampizator.  Info:

-We are not a computer company, but maybe we know something about good sound.

-We searched the world high and low in our quest for a good solution. By good I mean a solution that sonically matches our Golden Gate DAC. We narrowed it down and down until we settled on a solution according to “Elbereth Specs”. We thank Adam for that inspiration.

-Here it is - our Windows 2012 R2 Server machine that is as no-compromise and as high specs as possible. Nothing is ordinary about it. Most of the parts can’t even be bought in regular computer stores. Even on-line. A machine as such can’t be bought anywhere even at much higher price - simply speaking no-one makes such machines and especially the real IT people would tell you it is insane.

-The mother-board is of professional breed, with guaranteed shop life span of 7 years in case of failure, dedicated to Intel processors and and to the Windows Server 2012 with professional XEON 4-core, multi thread processor (XEON is again a professional line of processors, which enable us to use Windows 2012 and server motherboards and Windows Optimiser). Other specs are:  16 GB SERVER type professional RAM  with Error Correction, outboard, finless linear power supply (not impulse), DVD/Blue ray  player/burner, high-end enclosure with finless cooling, dedicated separate supply to power the heart of the system - SSD drive, a tablet as a remote control, Swiss Audiophile Optimiser software dedicated to enhance the Windows 2012  R2 audio performance. This machine plays both PCM and DSD and can not be upgraded or beat because it is the best that PC technology has to offer. River is our user interface of choice.

-There is no rocket science in our Computer. Anybody can, and really SHOULD make such one for himself. It just takes time and money to buy EVERY part from a different vendor from a different country. First we have to import and stock this stuff in bulk. Pay shipping, customs and duties. Make sure everything matches. Have a skilled IT man put everything carefully together which takes 3 full days and 2 days testing and troubleshooting. Playing test music always with Golden Gate DAC as our ultimate sound benchmark !  Playing in our special dedicated listening room that no other computer company can even comprehend.

-We added the other key elements of good sound: JCAT USB card for audiophile quality output. 128 GB SSD drive from PRO series with highest transfer speed of 6 MBIT that holds our Windows and JRiver OS and with a restore partition, second - music storage 4TB highest spec drive WD-RED - special one for 24/365 operation, possibility to add infinite external volume via USB3, Sata, LAN or WAN.

-For quick playback you can instantly play from a memory stick, from CD, external 3_1/2 inch drive or from the internet. a 5 inch drive requires a docking station to work.
All machines come with English version. All machines are multi-voltage. All machines will play 256x DSD with the 256 compatible Lampizator DACs. Specification is subject to change.

DSD Computer by Lampizator.

Ordering information:
Base price of the complete Computer = 5900 Euro plus VAT in EU countries.
The server is designed to work headless (without monitor or keyboard) but of course it all depends on your requirements. The base unit is ready to work via USB straight out of the box.

DSD Computer by Lampizator. Some hard facts.
-Total net weight 14 kg
-Shipping weight 19 kg
-Komputer size: 44 cm wide, 12 cm high, 30 cm deep.
-Outboard PSU: 15 cm wide, 25 cm deep, 10 cm high.
-Umbilical cable: 75 cm.
-Power requirement: IEC style power cable is not supplied. Total power consumption = 70 Watts without monitor.
-Full Windows 2012 Server R2, JRiver 20 or higher and  Audiophile-Optimiser licences are bundled.
-Total number of ventilation fans: zero
-Our support will be available for the whole of first day to help you launch the system. Use Skype, Messenger, phone or email.