Mitchell and Johnson HP1 Circus-Aural Stereo Headphones NEW

A truly revolutionary hybrid circus-aural design combining our super thin and lightweight DYNASTATZ flexible transducer with a 40mm dynamic dome driver module delivering clean bass and unmatched crystal clarity with virtually no distortion or hysteresis effect.

Our patented DYNASTATZ electrostatic technology is capable of reproducing high-frequency sounds up to 50kHz, directly translating electrical signal into sound without distortion or the ‘hysteresis’ effect of traditional dynamic headphones. The sound is crisper and more detailed due to the quick response and reduced colouration giving higher fidelity and lower interference.

Our real wood enclosures dramatically improve acoustics plus the natural wood-grain pattern makes each pair totally unique. These headphones are also super lightweight for a very comfortable listening experience. You’ll forget you’re wearing them!

Super soft PU vinyl on ear pads and headband for comfort. 
Lightweight alloy frame with real wood enclosure. 
Detachable fully adjustable connection cables, one for portable use and one for hi-fi use.

Driver Unit: 40mm EFS 4030 E-STAT type plus Dynastatz flexible transducer.
Impedance: 32ohms
Frequency response: 6-45,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 120dB