Oracle Delphi Mk VI Second Generation turntable NEW

Oracle Audio Technologies has been producing state of the art audio components since 1979 when they released their first turntable, The AC Model, introducing new pioneering features and technologies to the analogue world!
The Delphi Mk I was released in 1980 and was improved over the decades maintaining both its simplistic, elegant design and its reputation as one of the finest and one of the most beautiful record players in History.
The Award Winning (Enjoy the Music) Delphi Mk VI was launched in late 2009 featuring their new innovative Micro Vibration Stabilizer System which took its performance level to new heights! But even after 35 years of experience at crafting thiswork of art, that is the Oracle Delphi turntable they never hesitate to question themselves and over the years they have also learned to never take anything for granted. Oracle recognizes how the performance of the Delphi is intimately linked to the synergy between all of its components. The designers at Oracle are still both stunned and amazed at how sensitive and fragile this symbiotic relationship is between all of its elements and its immediate environment.
They are proud to announce the arrival of the Delphi Mk VI Second Generation. This latest edition features a two-piece platter assembly which greatly facilitates drive belt installation, whilst also significantly reducing platter resonances. The motor drive electronic module was also modified harbouring a larger power reserve providing a 15% torque increase to the motor.
Finally, the new Turbo Power Supply Mk II exceeded all their expectations as its signal is so stable it outperformed their reference batteries and other power sources. Although it is offered as an option, Oracle strongly recommend that each Oracle Delphi Mk VI should be purchased with a Turbo Power Supply Mk II.
The Delphi Mk VI Generation II provides a higher dynamic contrast than ever due to its improved transient sharpness and its remarkable ability to preserve the harmonic structure of the music. Driven by their new Turbo Power Supply Mk 2 the Delphi Mk VI Generation II will transform your listening sessions into unforgettable lifelike experiences!
RRP from £8,595 inc VAT