The Kanade Record Brush

The Kanade Record Brush is made out of fine leather and other combination of fine materials to keep your record spinning and played at its supposed to be. 

Canada Record Brush (made in Japan) that I have just recently received from Chisto CEO, Yuri Zamazeev. I told him that I received his package of goodies on my birthday and that made my day a little more special.

This Kanade brush was immediately put to the test on my favourite and cleaned record, “Me and You” by Count Basie (Pablo 2310-891). To be frank, I was not prepared to hear any difference due to the obvious reason of the record being cleaned and no trace of static. I heard musicians of the background became much clearer and of higher density. The separation between the musicians is further apart and the air surrounding each of them is more noticeable. The bass line is clearer and the dynamic and attack is faster and denser.

I am not implying a big improvement here but the noticeable few percent in all the above areas are enough to justify its importance in any given analogue system (I paid more for less before)…enjoy

Dato’ Danon Han