Thrax Audio exclusive visit and report

I knew that Thrax Audio operates on the different scale and in their own way. Yet nothing prepared me for surprise of visiting their company this week. In the great looking contemporary building Thrax Audio premises are taking the whole third floor. Two demo listening room, storage, R & D department, offices, production/assembly and even the dedicated laser etching room all occupy large floor space. Everything works on completely different plane, then most high-end audio companies operate. This is as serious as it gets. I could finally grasp why Thrax Audio products sound the way they do. Seeing all the prototypes on the side and most exotic building materials its quite mind boggling. 

Thrax Audio is self sufficient as they can practically make everything from scratch that is specific to their needs. Impressive CNC, bead blasting machine, dedicated eloxating room etc.

With the pace and dedication of Rumen Artarski and team this is a company to watch and follow most seriously.

Take a whooping 200+ photo journey. I was thinking how to do write this report and decided to first shown the photos to get the impression of the grand scale with text report coming later.  Stay tuned and enjoy the photos....