TRINITY flagship loudspeakers NEW

More info on upcoming TRINITY flagship loudspeakers. 9cs 7.5” bass Chassis have more radiation area than two 15” Chassis.

The low frequency radiation in taken care by 3 identical wedge-shaped modules, that are meant to be used one on top of the other. Each module has 3 pcs 7.5” Nanocarbon woofers , the total radiation surface of the 9 pcs 7.5” woofers exceeds that of 2 pcs 15” units. Each woofer on each module has a 0°/180° polarity switch for setting the radiation pattern and it’s direction. The woofer wedge module’s cabinets are built with a special 5 constrained damped layer Aluminium/Epoxy sandwich , superior to full Al structures.

The variable external crossover has all the various setting possibilities to adjust the emission to suit all rooms and all specific sonic tastes. The crossover frequencies are set around the central decade of the musical spectrum at 200Hz and 2000Hz.