Analogy Record Mono & Stereo event

Yesterday Roberto 'Robbo' Vigo from Analogy Record brought the entire label analog catalog. All tapes are fresh new and recorded on 1/4" factory fresh SM468, 2 tracks, 15ips, CCIR. After playing first song via Studer A807 there was no second guessing or contemplating. I’ve invited few of the friends and we all agreed regarding the sound. Tapes are in the league of their own. 

What is different from other reel to reel record labels? Each, and every tape is an actual master coming directly from the mix board. So each customer is getting the same quality. All the premium tapes comes in exclusive packaging and with the personalized, singed certificate. But thats not all. With each premium master track one gets and an exclusive letter, that open up the door to something completely different. Via Analog Record you can invite the same band from the reels to perform directly at your home. Its a premium service and something, that not all will ignite, but a thoughtful and out of the box thinking. 

I love the direction Roberto 'Robbo' Vigo took with his venture. From the first moments of unpacking the tapes, your treated with the luxury feeling and proud ownership. I really wish more companies in high-end audio would take this path as their own.

Analogy Records catalogue clearly shows ‘Robbo’ love for music and great sound as he was not cutting any corners. Even the aluminum reels are his custom design. 

This goes the same for the selection of the music being released. Usually, with smaller labels one is stretched with the selection on the bands and musician. But, Roberto selection is inspiring…

I’ll write more about all the albums soon, but I’m thrilled! Stay tuned…