Analogy Record r2r catalog and Studer A807 is on the way

The entire Analogy Record catalog is on its way to Mono and Stereo, recorded on 1/4" factory fresh SM468, 2 tracks, 15ips, CCIR.

Titles are:

AR001 Andrea Celeste - Something Amazing (Acoustic pop)
AR002 Peter Erskine Trio - Live in Genova Vol.1 (Jazz)
AR003 Peter Erskine Trio - Live in Genova Vol.2 (Jazz)
AR004 Peter Erskine Trio - Live in Genova Vol.3 (Jazz)
AR005 Max De Aloe - Borderline (Jazz)
AR006 Liguriani - Stundai (Folk - Traditional)
AR007 Red Wine - Pickin' Friends Vol.1 (Country - Bluegrass)
AR008 Red Wine - Pickin' Friends Vol.2 (Country - Bluegrass)
AR009 Elias Nardi Quartet - Flowers of Fragility (World - Jazz)

Plus another reel, the Basic Line version of AR009, recorded at 7,5ips with a very essential packaging. Analogy's Basic line is 1/3 the price of Premium Line. This kind of product is more for the tape enthusiast rather than the audiophile, while retaining a very high quality.

The recorder-player is a Studer A807, the last model built by the swiss constructor. It's a top sounding machine, fresh serviced and calibrated, the heads are in mint condition.

I’m also going to discuss with Andrea Celeste about her next album (her 5th album) called Kaleidoscope, recorded by legendary mixer and producer, 23 times Grammy winner Al Schmitt who recorded everyone from Frank Sinatra to Diana Krall, from Paul McCartney…