CLONES Audio Power Station NEW

The CLONES POWER STATION is the new generation ultra low-noise power supply. The good power source can make a huge deifference performance is the fact to admit of no doubt. The POWER STATION built with all discrete components. Ultra low noise but capable to drive the high consumption devices as the Mac mini, Laptop, NAS storage server…

As POWER STATION specially develop for the MAC mini. The simple installation just take 10mins which same as the mPSU. It would be the stepping stone to brings your Mini to the Hi-end standard.

Beside the Upgrade for Mac mini. We accept the custom order for the output specification within from 2A to 8A and 5V to 18V. We will provide difference package of the units for the upgrade very soon! Please feel free to contact us for more detail for the custom made programme.

Mac mini Spec Package included:

- Custom module for the power input of Mini
- Special DC power cable for the mPSU to Mini
- POWER STATION ultra low noise power supply unit

* The modification is reversible for warranty issue.
* The standard length of the POWER STATION DC cable is 1 meter.

Output: 12V 7.5A (Mac mini spec)
Weight: 4.5KG
Dimensions : 100(W)x150(D)x100(H)mm
* 3 year warranty

Price: HKD6,900