Concerts at the art hall Arlberg 1800

Over the past few weeks I've received many requests regarding the deeper cultural coverings connected to the music. As it seems based of the responses and feedback these includes concert halls insights, listening spaces and broad musical cultural movement happenings. I'll try to sum up and extract the most interesting things, that connects us all with the deep love for music. 

Above, pictures is an upcoming concert Hall at Arlberg 1800 in the Austrian Tyrol. Historically Arlberg 1800, a ski resort high in the village of St Christoph in the Austrian Tyrol, an hour by road from Innsbruck and two from Zurich, has opened only for the winter season. Its third generation owner and general manager, Florian Werner, dreamed of a way to bring visitors here year round (well not perhaps during the early summer thaw). The answer, he surmised, lay in culture.

Ahlberg 1800 owner Florian Werner dream is to bring more people to this renown resort near Innsbruck via the culture and one of the highlights is the new upcoming concert hall.